The Romantic Male Nude

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Showcasing a community of noted photographers who have explored and illuminated the homoerotic terrain of images of the male nude – captured with an eye toward wistful, dreamy romance – this collection brings together more than 100 strikingly sensual black and white and colour images.In recent years, what had before been regarded as counter-culture, taboo and even profane photos of beautiful nude men alone and together, has been transformed into a burgeoning art form of great aesthetic beauty, emotion and cultural relevance, appreciated by those both within the gay community and outside of it.As Michael Thomas Ford notes in his introduction, the power of a still photograph of a nude man exerts at once time-bound and timeless allure, imaginings, memories and emotions. ‘These images unlock doors of the mind, allowing the light inside to flood out’.The photographs are divided into sections that bring to life to the themes, altogether, these photographs of “The Romantic Male Nude” cast a wondrous and exhilarating spell over our imaginations.

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