Roommate. Master. Footgod. King.

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Imagine being a straight guy looking for a roommate and maybe — just maybe — you found the guy. He’s smart, he appears rich, but, oh yeah — he can control your mind … … just by taking off his shoes. In James T. Medak’s latest throbbing tome, get deep in the realms of full-bore foot submission, hypnosis, chastity, edging, fucking, and more, as one straight boy gets pushed to his limits and then past them. He wants to touch his cock so bad, but oh, if only his Master would let him. Years in the making (and with two exclusive bonus shorts added on for good measure), ROOMMATE. MASTER. FOOTGOD. KING. will go down as another James T. Medak classic: full of feet, edging, erotic torture, and guys getting what’s cumming to them.

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