Queer crossings. Theories, bodies, texts

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The past decade has witnessed a proliferation of writings on queer theories and practices. Drawing together established and emerging scholars in the field, this volume offers a broad, trans-disciplinary and international approach to queer studies. In the light of recent critical perspectives, it proposes a number of theoretical developments concerning three key thematic fields: theories, bodies and texts. The first section of the volume considers the embodied, sexed and gendered self and its problematic relation with queer theories, animal studies as well as with the representation of non-human and intersex identities. The second section explores a variety of modes of representation, and/or misrepresentation, of queer embodied subjectivities, ranging from literature to media and performance. In analysing a variety of classic and contemporary texts, the contributors call into question and reconceptualise key issues such as queer subjectivity, homophobia, gender performativity, masquerade and cross-dressing.

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