A man’s world – Jack Vettriano

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This gift-sized book focuses on Vettriano’s men. Depicted against a backdrop of bars, clubs, racetracks and bedrooms, the men are often mysterious, hard-edged and sometimes vulnerable. It is a timeless world of drama, passion, secret liaisons and hedonism, where men chase dreams and play for high stakes.

“My work relies heavily on narrative though I never much like to discuss the narrative, preferring as I do to allow the viewer to compose their own, perhaps more personal scenarios.

Men are less complete than women. Our wiring systems are geared for life on earth two million years ago. To have half the population of the world emotionally underdeveloped is an inescapable part of the human condition. So man soldiers on.

‘A Man’s World’ contains some of the images which, to my way of thinking, best represent the qualities of man; from predatory to vulnerable, from cruel to sensitive and from hungry to bloated – my men are thus defined.” Jack Vettriano

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