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Boarding School Homosexuality: From Plato's Academy to the Princeton Rub

Hone Michael,libri |


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In writing this book I’m casting very large. Academies and Lyceums in Greece, home of the world’s most beautiful ephebes, Spartan barracks, schools and sexuality in Rome and how they compared with those of Ancient Athens. Because so much information existed during the Renaissance, I’m limiting myself to the communal life in workshops and ateliers, which were Renaissance-style boarding schools where, because girls were protected with Brink’s-like security, boys whiled away the nights in virile couplings and the days in lewd gestures and lewder jokes. The golden age of boarding-school homosexuality was England of the 1800s and 1900s (Oxford, Cambridge, Harrow, Eton and others are included in my definition of boarding schools), which spilled over, homoerotically, into the Apostles and the Bloomsbury Set that I’ve treated in fully-illustrated detail, as well as the eroticism in today’s dormitories, the Princeton Rub an example. There is a full section on the erotic Greek and Roman texts professors used to excite the imaginations of the boys, justifying their sexual overtures. This study will take us into the lives of the most supremely powerful individuals to have lived: Plato, Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Lorenzo de’ Medici, da Vinci, Cellini, Byron, Rupert Brooke, Duncan Grant, Maynard Keynes, T.E. Lawrence, Caravaggio, Michelangelo and many others–issued from various types of schools, men who have enriched us forever, men of genius who happened to have preferred other men.

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